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Path-index 11: Aleph-Ren of the Hebrew Alphabet Path-Interval Interconnections

Aleph-Path in Theme

~8 :Aleph-Ox And: In-Man-Mother-Path

~8 For the 32-wisdom(חכמה)-paths of the consideration(understanding, בינה) is with the Beth-8:32(א-autosome-21:22) for the first-32-Elohim(אלהים)-Genesis-creation-story-name-usages within the Genesis-1:7 of the doctrine-Sefer-Yetzirah-Book[of the]-Creation/Formation by the Aleph-1:3-Mothers-God-makes(ויעש-אלהים):

  • And for the God-makes of the firmament are with the divisions between the waters below the firmament and between the waters over the firmament: and it is so(ויעש אלהים את הרקיע ויבדל בין המים אשר מתחת לרקיע ובין המים אשר מעל לרקיע ויהי כן).

11th/32 PI: the 1st/22 Hebrew letters is Aleph (א) the 1st/3 primary or mother (אמות) letters[1] (ספרים) symbolizing Ren (); "human."


11.1 DPI: (Decimal Path Index) Aleph (א) has an acrophonic object meaning (the sense of sense and reference) of “ox[2](אלף), by way of the Egyptian proto-Sinaitic[3] Hieroglyph: alp.[4] The reference of Sense and reference is the actual ox [5](אך) or oxen [6](אכן) in the plural.


11.1.1 DPI: Aleph (א) in grammar (linguistics) is used as the verb’s future tense.

Chromosome 21
21 Aleph (א)


11.2 DPI: Aleph (א) is the Hebrew numeral Gematria 1 (א) and is also used for numeral 1000.[7]

Autosome; Chromosome 21

11.2.1: Aleph (א) is the first [8](הראשון, הבכור) letter autosome; chromosome 21[9] the smallest autosome with 46,944,323[10] nucleobase pairs pairs(bp) and about 477/635 genes.


:God-Allahim: Fool-Nar(בועל-נער/נערר,⚊ ,0)-~76:81--Pt

11.3 DPI: In the original Canaanite-Phoenician Sinaitic Hebrew script the grapheme aleph (א) is represented by the grapheme alp: Alp.PNG.

11.3.1 DPI In the modern English alphabet aleph is represented by the grapheme letter “A.”


11.4 DPI: The static picture of the major arcana [11](אר-כנע) tarot that corresponds to aleph (א-פת) path is The Fool, Mato or Narr (נערר), c.f. as Hebrew stylized version of Nar (נער); "young man," symbolized numerically by 0.


(11.5 DPI)For the Aleph(א-פת)-tele-path-period of the electroweak-epoch is with the 10-33-seconds-temporally by the time [a]fter the bang.


11.5.1 DPI: Aleph (א-פת) path obtains the color coding of pink by virtue of the relationship Aleph has in common with XiSanJi () topology that includes the 1st/3 mother letters of aleph, representing RenSanSan (); “man three three,” the orbital plain of Pluto/Charon in Heaven's Code.


11.5.2 DPI: Aleph (א-פת) path is attributed a Euclidean vector in the Hebrew letter coordinate system, a geometric entity endowed with both length, such as autosomes and direction. In physics euclidean vectors are used to represent physical quantities which have both magnitude and direction, such as the weak force.


11.6 DPI: Aleph (א) in the abgadiyyah (אבגדיה) Arabic (ערביה) alphabet is Alif (ﺍ).

:Aleph: Alpha: Finance

Aleph; Alpha is a measure of the so-called active return on an investment, the performance of that investment compared to a suitable market index. An alpha of 1 means the investment's return on investment over a selected period of time was 1% better than the market during that same period, an alpha of -1 means the investment underperformed the market. Alpha is one of the five key measures in modern portfolio theory.

Room 501 JiaoXiu Mansion Department

JiaoXiu (角宿)

11.7 DPI: The Hebrew letter character Aleph (ב) has correspondence with and through the latter Arabic letter coordinate system derivative Alif (ﺍ) is symbolic of two types of of celestial caliphate mansions; the fixed millennial and the mobile daily.

Fixed Millennial Celestial Caliphate Mansion Departments

11.7.1 DPI: 1st/2 types of mansions is the fixed millennial celestial caliphate [12](כאליפתה) mansion departments utilizing the precession cycle of the Great year of 25,920 years.

Alif (ﺍ) represents the 1st/27 mansion departments (宿) Jiao (, 각, [13]גג); “horn or angle,” corresponds to nakshatra Chitra (כתרא, चित्रा, 14th/27); “bright or brilliant,” as in that which is in the morning [14](בקר). The “bright horned ox” [2](אלף) is the source of the heavenly bull of the Gilgamesh tale and the origin of the expression to take the bull by the horns.

Mobile Daily Celestial Caliphate Mansion


11.7.2 DPI: 2nd/2 types of mansions is the mobile daily celestial caliphate (כאליפתה) mansion within the lunar sidereal month of any astrological age, synchronized to the spring vernal equinox of the equatorial coordinate system in the Northern hemisphere. 1st/28 Mansions: Jiao (); “horn or angle,” corresponds to nakshatra Chitra (चित्रा, 14th/28); “bright or brilliant,” when the moon is in the astronomical region of the sky of α Virginis Spica.


11.7.3 DPI: 1st/3 primary or mother (אמות) letters[1] (ספרים) of Aleph (א) is substantive inter alia, of the 1st/27 moons of Uranus called Cordelia, named after the youngest daughter of Lear in William Shakespeare's King Lear.

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For The Footnotes

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