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9.2.5 DPI is a Decimal Path-index for the 9th/32 Path-indexes: Yesod.

TaiTu; Great Soil

9.2.5 DPI: TaiTu () is the place of the idea; Greek: ιδεα [1](Hebrew: ידע) and in the Universal Syphers™ is the “5th element” or quintessence, literally “5th essence;” Latin: “quinta essential.” The 5th classical element is known by various other names: aether [2](עתר); Greek: αιθηρ, or hieron; Greek: ιερον; “a divine thing.”

The location of the center idea/ideal LiXiang (理想) the 5th element of SiXiang (思想); ideology or form is also the birthplace of the metaphor.

TaiTu () in the Standard Model of particle physics represents baryons of protons and neutrons that make up most of the mass of the visible matter in the universe, occurring during the hadron epoch. The name "baryon" comes from the Greek word for "heavy" (βαρυς, βαρυ). As quark-based particles, baryons participate in the strong interaction.

Black Hole Era

TaiTu () as the center and singularity represents the 4th/5 Ages of the universe; black hole Era covers the period of time of 1040 years through 1.7 x 10106 years after the bang (ATB), and is followed by the dark Era, see 9.2.5 DPI. In the black hole Era organized matter will remain only in the form of black holes. Black holes themselves slowly “evaporate” away the matter contained in them, by the quantum mechanical process of Hawking radiation. By the end of this era, only extremely low-energy photons, electrons, positrons, and neutrinos will remain.

Broad Earth Wind

When the broad earth wind (רוח) or spirit TuLing () is combined with TaiTuXing () an element of the 5 elements, the result is TaiTuXingLing (); the “great earth element, going or walk, wind or spirit.”

The broad[3] (רחב) denotes the 3rd dimension of breath or broadness measured[4] (מדד) as 500 measures of what “He measured” [5](מדדו) along with the 4 sides (רוחות); “winds”[6] measured with the measuring[7] (המדה or [8]מודה: MODE; also “confessor”) reed (קנה) as 500 measures each times 4 totaling 2000 measures constitute the 5 winds; the 4 winds of heaven[6] and the broad constituting the breadth of the 3rd dimension.


The Hebrew root-stem of measuring (מדה: MDH, or more grammatically correct in the present perfect tense: מודה, MODE) is Yadah (ידה); also “her hand” (Genesis 24:18) as in an ancient measure called a handbreadth measuring Biblically about 3 inches times 500 measures is 125 feet per side-wind.

2000 Measures Astrological Age

The 2000 measures of the 4 side-winds of heaven are symbolically equivalent to the astrological ages of roughly 2000 years each including the astrological Arian Age of Image Time-identity and the Piscean Age of Substantial Time-identity.

TaiTu Subdivisions

The great earth TaiTu (; HanGul: 태토: TaeTo) of the great 5 elements of Chinese philosophy diagrammatically is the center (中心: ZhongXin) of the 5 elements WuXingTu () and is divided by the 2 attributes LiangYi (); “Yin and Yang” into 2 subdivisions:

Yin earth YinTu DPI: YinTu (; HanGul: 음토: UumTo); “Yin earth” is the negative divided element of TaiTu (); “great earth.”

Yin great earth wind or spirit Yin TaiTu XingLing ( ) is representative of the atmospheric area of the magnetosphere.

YinTu () in the Standard Model of particle physics represents the neutrons of baryons, occurring during the hadron epoch.

Yang earth YangTu DPI: YangTu (; HanGul: 양토: YangTo); “Yang earth” is the positive divided element of TaiTu (); “great earth.”

Yang great earth wind or spirit Yang TaiTu LingXing ( ) is representative of the atmospheric area of the exosphere.

YangTu () in the Standard Model of particle physics represents the protons of baryons, occurring during the hadron epoch.

See Also

Enigmas of Gobekli Temple 55-65 minutes, YangTu () & YinTu (); "Adam & Eve" (two tablets of stone) as the Tou & Tou shaped monuments inside the 12 pillars temples, similar to Nevali Cori, also see HR-214; the "house of Kui" (); "legs stride or crotch”[9]


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