Yin RenTaiJi Human's Great Curve

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9th Yin SanTaiJi

9.1.4 Decimal Path-index is a Decimal Path-index for the 9th/32 Path-indexes: Yesod.

3rd/3 Yin Great Curves RenTaiJi and RenCai; "Man's Talent"

9.1.4 DPI: 3rd/3 Yin () SanTaiJi () great curves RenTaiJi (); "mankind's (; HanGul: : In; ען) great curve or boundary,” is the station for the 3rd/3 Yang talents or powers RenCai (); "man, person, people or mankind's talent or power," associated with the tertiary color dark yellow or gold.

Neutral Ang (中) Polarity DPI: 3rd/3 powers or talents RenCai (); "mankind’s great power or talent” of the Yin SanTaiJi ( ) is attributed with the neutral or center Ang () polarity of Chinese philosophy.


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