Yang SanTaiJi Three Great Curves and SanCai Three Talents

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JiGan (己干) in Theme

6.1.1 Decimal Path-index is a Decimal Path-index for the 6th/32 Path-indexes: Tiphereth.

The 3 Great Extremes (三太極) powers or talents and 3 polarities Attributes

6.1.1 DPI: The positive Yang’s () 3 great extremes SanTaiJi ()[1] consists of 3 extremities or parts of powers or talents called SanCai: DiTaiJi (), TianTaiJi () and RenTaiJi ().

Each of the 3 components of the positive Yang () 3 great extremes SanTaiJi () takes 1/3 powers or talents called SanCai[2] () and 1/3 polarities of Yin (negative), Yang (positive) and Ang (中; center or neutral) of Chinese philosophy.


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