Yang DiTaiJi Earth's Great Curve

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6th JiGan Yang SanTaiJi in Theme

6.1.3 Decimal Path-index is a Decimal Path-index for the 6th/32 Path-indexes: Tiphereth.

2nd/3 Yang Great Curves DiTaiJi and DiCai; "Earth's Talent"

6.1.3 DPI: 2nd/3 yang () SanTaiJi () great curves DiTaiJi (); "earth’s (; HanGul: : Ji) great curve or boundary,” is the station for the 2nd/3 Yang talents or powers DiCai (); "earth, soil or ground talent or power," associated with the primary color green.

Minus Yin Polarity DPI: 2rd/3 powers or talents DiCai (); “earth’s great power or talent” of the Yang SanTaiJi ( ) is attributed with the minus or negative Yin () polarity of Chinese philosophy.

  • 2nd/3 Allies solar axis powers of DiCai (), the decompactifying curl-up solar axie X: X1/6 longitudinal bank roll DiZhou () being the 2nd/3 NSI (נ-ס-ע); "journeys" of Samekh-path (ספת), the husband-antithesis path of the World of the Jaguar.


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