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WuGan (戊干) in Theme

5th/32 PI: the 5th Sepherah (ספרה) Gedulah Gevurah (גבורה גדולה); ShuWuGan () is the context for the following content:

XiaoXiaoYin Very Little Yin

5.1.2 DPI: XiaoXiaoYin Very Little Yin () is the 1st/4 SiXiang () images.

Essential Character

1st/4 Xiang () images, binary figures or divinatory symbols XiaoXiaoYin (); the “very little Yin” (HanGul: 소소음: SoSoUum) is the essential character[1] of BenTaiJi (; בונ-תגוג) in Unification Thought.

Transmitting Relationship

XiaoXiaoYin (); the “very little Yin” exists as the essential character of BenTaiJi () in a central reciprocal give and take; transmitting relationship with XiaoXiaoYang (); the "very little Yang" of 5.1.4 DPI.

Casual Functional Aspect

XiaoXiaoYin (); the “essential character” of BenTaiJi () is an attribute of God[2] as the original XingXiang (; HanGul: 숭상: SungSang); common meaning: “nature’s mutuals,” constituting the cause of the functional aspect of all existing beings[3] and also the ZuWuGan Progenitor Spear-line Shield () of 5.2.5 DPI.


XiaoXiaoYin () the essential character of BenTaiJi () is considered the content in the reciprocal give and take; transmitting relationship along with context of XiaoXiaoYang (); the "very little Yang," see 5.1.4 DPI.

Tau Particle

XiaoXiaoYin () in the language of particle physics is the tau, ט); Greek: triton (τριτον); “third,” being the 3rd/3 generation particle families of charged leptons. Tau) is the 6th/6 leptons, the 12th/12 fermions and the 12th/16 elementary particles of the standard model.

Great Granddaughter

XiaoXiaoYin () genealogically in human terms of kinship is the 3rd Generation or 3rd daughter; the “great granddaughter embodying the emotional [4]impulse of creation just as “the spirit of God that moved” (רחפת) in Genesis 1:2 is also referred to as the Prime Force[5] historically known as Primum Movens a derivative of the Greek Aristotle’s unmoved mover (ου κινουμενον κινει).[6] The Prime Force is the acting energy whose purpose is to generate the energy to make all things interact with each other.[5] XiaoXiaoYin () Biblically substantialized is Taphath[7] (טפת) the daughter of Solomon (שלמה). Taphath’s (טפת) Hebrew root-stem is TP (טף);[8] “little children,” indicating the nature of the very little Yin. Taphath (ט-פת) as Tau-path, the Hebrew letter Teth-path, the same as the tau (τ−, ט) particle.


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