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9.7.2 Decimal Path-index is a Decimal Path-index for the 9th/32 Path-indexes: Yesod.

Uranus Orbit Plane: TianSanYi; “Heaven Three One”

9.7.2 DPI: TianSanYi (, 천삼일);[1] "heaven three one" where heaven three () is the heaven that is "three" called XiaoRen (); the "small human," the 3rd/3 stories of the ark of the solar system, the far outer solar system and the one () is the 1st/3 parts of XiaoRen (), the 7th/9 orbital plain or destiny TianWangXing (); "heavens's king planet" of Uranus, associated with the secondary color of orange or amber [2](חשמל).

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the major arcana [3](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) trumps that is attributed to TianSanYi () is The Sun via the celestial counterpart of Uranus, symbolized by the Roman numeral XIX.

TianSanYi () is topologically occupied by Reisha Arich (רישא אריך); extended or "infinite (Ayin Sup: אין סוף) head," preceding Arich Anpin (אריך אנפין), the trailing descending extension of [original] Will (רצון) of Samekh (ס) path-line, and paralleling Nun (נ) path-line, the 2nd/3 FuXi branches enumerated 0-63, illustrated by the World of Wind or Seed.

Large Extended Spatial Dimension of Height DPI: TianSanYi () topologically corresponds to the 2nd/3 large extended[4] spatial dimension of height (including depth, denoting vertical extent) attributed the 21st/22 Hebrew letters of Shin (ש) as the 3rd/3 primary or mother (אמות) letters[5] (ספרים) symbolizing Tian (); "heaven."

WuGui HuaYi ()
  • Large extended spatial dimension of height corresponds with the 1st/3 () of the big three () called DaSanYi () in Heaven's Code.[6]
    • 2nd/3 axis powers (force) of TianCai (, 천재) is with connection to Tzadde-path (צ-פת) of the two dimensional height TianZhou (, 천축) space y-axie; X2 terrestrial latitudinal pitch,

Empty Chest Join One

WuGui HuaYi ( , 무궤: מקוה;[7] "bath," 화하나); "empty wooden chest or cabinet transforms, converts or joins one"[8] is an inner central group of 36 Shu (); "count" dot matrix, the central matrix estates of HaoKongTu (, 허궁도), the cut out or demarcated boundary, the result of the WuGui HuaYi ( ) empty wooden chest or cabinet converts or joins one, the 10 square matrix (מטריך) of a 100 Shu (); "count" dot matrix ordered and called YiJiShiJu (); the "one pile-up ten gigantic," used in the Mayan World of Water.

Since the universe is infinite or uncontained, the universe has no container; therefore man becomes the container, vessel, box or chest of heaven. Although heaven is full of the spirit which animates and controls the universe, because there is no (אין: Ain, : Wu) box to contain heaven, heaven (כען) becomes man (ען).

This is the logic behind WuGui HuaYi (); "empty wooden chest or cabinet converts or joins one" occurring first in TianSanYi () "heaven three one" and Uranus along with Ain Sup (אין סוף) instead of in Ain (אין) of DiSanEr () "earth three two" and Neptune.

WuJi; Limitless Ain Soph DPI: 2nd/3 negative veils (vails, ועלת) WuJi () the “negative, not, without or empty” and “extreme, utmost, furthest, final, or end” is the “Ain Soph” (אין סוף) of the Hebrew tradition and means “without end” or “limitless.”

Veil of Paroketh or Tiphereth

Previous to the 2nd/3 branches of the tree of life is the veil of Paroketh[9] (פרקת), which veils (סות, סוה) the full light of Tiphereth or self-consciousness until such time as the Yesod-based personality is sufficiently prepared, when it may form a firm foundation (Yesod) for the power of Self without becoming disoriented, at which stage the veil of Tiphereth, analogous to Ain Suph (אין סוף), is torn-away (פרקת), broke or peeled or stripped off (BoXi , 박희) or rent, and the aspirant begins consciously to exist.

Restrained Value or Unrealized Gains DPI: 2nd/3 Yi (); “restraints or shoot with a bow,” as in a bow taut with tension (force), along with Er (); “two”, is for “restrained two,” and composes the simplified Chinese ancient form of Er (); “two” or “twice.” Also Er () is composed of Yi (); “restraint” and the radical Bei (); “money or currency,” for “restrained money or currency” (value) or unrealized gains, utilizing risk (Random access memory; Instruction Set architecture[10] Computer data) management.

JinHan; True Sweat

1st/3 SanHan[11] (): "3 sweats" of Atzilut's (אצילות) armpit in Heavens Code is JinHan (); "true sweat or perspiration."

Halonomic Parallel Topology

Uranus through halonomic parallel topology can be identified with:


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