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Tachad Tiphereth-He XiaoJiGan DPI: 6th/10 small shields (גן-קטן) or crowns (כתרים) He XiaoJiGan ( ; HanGul: 합 소기간); the “unified [1](תחד: TED) small body shield or crown”[2] (כתר), the 2nd/2 small shields of the Xing () element Tu (); "earth," attributed the color of dark yellow or gold and corresponds with YangTu (); “Yang earth.” 6th/10 small shields He XiaoJiGan ( ) is the JiGan () the 2nd/2 parts of the 5th/9 JiuTian (); "nine heavens."

3rd/9 () heavens WuJiTian () in Heaven's Code is the orbit [3](ערבת); "plain/plane" [4](פל-ענה) or destiny area of RenYiSan (, 인일삼);[5] "human one three" where human one () is the human that is "one" or heaven called XiaoTian (); the "small heaven," the 1st/3 parts of the solar system, the inner or lower[6] (תחתית) story (תשים) solar system and the number three () is the 3rd/3 parts of XiaoTian (), the 3rd/9 orbits (ערבת); "plain/plan" [7](פל-ען) or destined of DiQiu (); the "earth globe, sphere or pearl."[8] The characters of YiSan () are also the ternary bigram or digram (|…)[9] of TianRen (); "heaven human" or the "heavenly human," where Tian (); "one" is XiaoTian () and Ren () is three; the "3rd/3 parts" of XiaoTian (); the "small heaven," the 1st/3 parts of the ark of the solar system.

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the major arcana [10](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) trumps that is attributed to Tachad Tiphereth (תחד-תפארת) is the Narr symbolized by the Roman numeral 0.


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