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Path-index 25: Samekh-Capricorn of the Hebrew Alphabet Path-Interval Interconnections

Samekh-Path in Theme

:Samekh-Prop And: Capricorn-Metal

25th/32 PI: the 15th/22 Hebrew letters of Samekh (ס) the 9th/12 simple or elemental letters[1] symbolizing Capricorn (Capricorn.png); the "goat."


25.1 DPI: (Decimal Path Index) Samekh (ס) has an acrophonic object meaning of “establish or support,” as a vine tutor in Egyptian.

Chromosome 8
8 Samekh (ס)

25.1.1 DPI: Samekh [2](סמך); in Hebrew means: “lean, establish or support.”

Support level is used in technical analysis as the location of the price of a security that tends to stop and find support during downward movement. See Nun-path for the resistance location.


25.2 DPI: Samekh (ס) is the Hebrew numeral Gematria 60 (ס).

Autosome; Chromosome 8

25.2.1 DPI: Samekh (ס) is the fifteenth [3](לחמשה-עשר) letter autosome; chromosome 8 with 146,274,826[4] nucleobase pairs (bp) and about 1534 genes.


25.3 DPI: In the original Canaanite-Phoenician Sinaitic Hebrew script the grapheme Samekh (ס) is represented by the grapheme Semk: Semk.png.

25.3.1 DPI: In the modern English alphabet Samekh (ס) is represented by the grapheme letter “S."


25.4 DPI: The static image of the major arcana [5](אר-כנע) tarot that corresponds to Samekh (ס-פת) path is Archangel symbolized by the Roman numeral XV.


25.5 DPI: Samekh (ס-פת) path-interval temporally covers the time during the electroweak epoch of 10-19 seconds after the bang. Samekh path [6](ספת) as a Hebrew root stem is the root stem of sofit (סופית).

Cosmology and the Macrocosm

To use divination in Hebrew is; phonetic English spelling: kosm-kosm: [7](לקסם-קסם). This is used for the macrocosm and microcosm relationship as well as the 64 LiuShiSiGua[8] (); binary figures or divinatory symbols of the Yi Jing (易經: I Ching) which is dealt with in 6.4 DPI.

The microcosm[9] considers such things as quantum mechanics and the standard model, which describe the universe on the small subatomic scale and man as Olam Katan (קטן עולם), dynamically enumerated with the World of the Jaguar.

The microcosm is a compactified type IIA string theory in the Universal Syphers™ with the Fu Hsi (; Chinese pinyin; FuXi or HanGul pinyin: 복희; BokHui) ASCII decimals of indexes DPI through DPI, beginning with Gua () decimal 128 as QianGua (), the 1st/64 divinatory symbols through to the 64th/64 divinatory symbols Gua () decimal 191 as KunGua ().

3rd/6 configurations in the 2nd/2 variations (ס-נ), of the 64 divinatory symbols; LiuShiSiGua () runs in the lower line order parallel to the 25th path-interval Samekh (ס) path and includes the ASCII decimals 128 through 191 in the Universal Syphers™, see 6.4.3 DPI.


25.5.1 DPI: Samekh (ס-פת) path obtains the color coding of white by virtue of the relationship Samekh has in common with the zodiac constellation of Capricorn.[10]


25.5.2 DPI: Samekh (ס-פת) path is attributed a Euclidean vector in the Hebrew letter coordinate system, a geometric entity endowed with both length, such as autosomes and direction. In physics euclidean vectors are used to represent physical quantities which have both magnitude and direction, such as the weak force.


25.6 DPI: Samekh (ס-פת) in the abgadiyyah (אבגדיה) Arabic (ערביה) alphabet is Sin or Seen (س).

Room 511 WeiXiu Mansion Department

WeiXiu (危宿)

25.7 DPI: The Hebrew letter character Samekh (ס) has correspondence with and through the latter Arabic letter coordinate system derivative Sin or Seen (س) is symbolic of two types of celestial caliphate mansions; the fixed millennial and the mobile daily.

Fixed Millennial Celestial Caliphate Mansion Department

25.7.1 DPI: 1st/2 types of mansions is the fixed millennial celestial caliphate [11](כאליפתה) mansion departments utilizing the precession cycle of the Great year of 25,920 years specifically covering mathematically the period of time of AD 3065 through AD 4023 in the Great Year chronologically during the Aquarian Age.

Sin or Seen (س) represents the 11th/27 Mansion departments: Wei (, 위); "dangerous or rooftop,” corresponds to nakshatra (נחש-טרא) Shatabhisha (शतभिषा; 25th/28); “hundred healers” (10 X 10).[12]

Mobile Daily Celestial Caliphate Mansion


25.7.2 DPI: 2nd/2 types of mansions is the mobile daily celestial caliphate (כאליפתה) mansion within the lunar sidereal month of any astrological age, synchronized to the spring vernal equinox of the equatorial coordinate system in the Northern hemisphere.

11th/27 Mansion departments: Wei (, 위); "dangerous or rooftop,” corresponds to nakshatra (נחש-טרא) Shatabhisha (शतभिषा; 25th/28); “hundred healers,” when the moon is in the astronomical region of the sky of γ Aquarii.


25.7.3 DPI: 9th/12 simple or elemental (פשוטות) letters[13] (ספרים) of Samekh (ס) is substantive inter alia, of the 20th/27 moons of Uranus called Caliban, named after the monster character in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.

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