For The Bu-Shib-Gan-Tae-Gug: Yang-Cumulative-Gift Or Heritage

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:Yang-Cumulative-Gift or Heritage

~1.1-D-P-I:Yang()-specific(attribute)-1:2-two-gifts or heritages is with the Gab-Gan(갑간, , Gab-Gan)-1:10-Shields of the Bu-Shib-Gan-Tae-Gug(부십간태극, , Bu-Shi-Gan-Tai-Ji)-division-10-shields-great-curve by the Yang()-light-masculine-specific of the Tae-Gug(태극, ).

  • For the Yang() of the Goang(광, , Guang)-light-masculine-gender is with the Ain-Soph-Aur(אור סוף אין) of the Hebrew-tradition by the finite-mean-limitless-light.

For the Yang()-specific(attribute)-1:2-two-gifts or heritages of the Bu-Shib-Gan-Tae-Gug(부십간태극, , Bu-Shi-Gan-Tai-Ji)-division is with the Tae-Yang(태양, , Tai-Yang)-greater-positive and with the first-5:10-small-shields(גן-קטן) of theYang()-specific(attribute) by the Yang-Tae-Gug(양태극, )-positive-great-curve.

For the Tae-Yang(, Tai-Yang) of the Universal Syphers™-diagrammatic-purpose is with the 90°--counter-clockwise-rotation and: noting of the quantum-mechanics for the phase-factors without the changing of the physical-state[1] and: similar-correlation of the wave-plate-mechanics by the changing(altering)-polarization-state of a light-perturbation(wave) by the Tae-Yang(, Tai-Yang)-counter-clockwise-90°-rotation and by the Tae-Aum(, Tai-Yin-10.1.5 DPI)-counter-clockwise-90°-rotation.

For the Astronomy of the Tae-Yang(, Tai-Yang)-greater-positive is with the topological-position of the Bae-Gug-Seong(배극성, , Bei-Ji-Xing)[2]-north-star or pole-star by the heaven's-Dae-Il(대일, , Da-Yi)-great-one.

For the 2:2-parts of the Bu-Shib-Gan-Tae-Gug(부십간태극, , Bu-Shi-Gan-Tai-Ji) is with the viewing of the Bu-Shib-Gan-Tae-Gug(부십간태극, , Bu-Shi-Gan-Tai-Ji) by the Aum-quality-gift or heritage.


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