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9.7.3 Decimal Path-index is a Decimal Path-index for the 9th/32 Path-indexes: Yesod.

Neptune Orbit Plane: DiSanYi; “Earth Three Two”

9.7.3 DPI: DiSanEr (, 지삼이);[1] "earth three two" where earth three () is the earth that is "three" called XiaoRen (); the "small human," the 3rd/3 stories of the ark of the solar system, the far outer solar system and the two () is the 2nd/3 parts of XiaoRen (), the 8th/9 orbital plain or destiny HaiWangXing (); "ocean or sea king planet" of Neptune, with the secondary color of yellow.

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the major arcana [2](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) trumps that is attributed to DiSanEr () is The Wheel via the celestial counterpart of Neptune, symbolized by the Roman numeral X.

DiSanEr () is topologically occupied by Reisha Ayin (רישא אין); "nothingness (Ain or Ayin: אין) head," the source of the inner motivation of unconscious Delight (תענג); the unified source of essential (Yin: ) faith (אמונה) through essential unity (תענג; "delight") with the essence (gender, ) of the soul (female) having completed the 1st/3 FuXi branches; FuXi LongXie ( ).

Large Extended Spatial Dimension of Length DPI: DiSanEr () topologically corresponds to the 1st/3 large extended[3] spatial dimension of length (ארך, denoting horizontal extent)[4] attributed the 13th/22 Hebrew letters of Mem (מ) as the 2nd/3 primary or mother (אמות) letters[5] (ספרים) symbolizing Di (); "earth."

Empty Chest Join Two

WuGui HuaEr ()

WuGui HuaEr (, 무궤: מקוה;[7] "bath," מקוות; "baths," 화둘/두); "empty wooden chest or cabinet transforms, converts or joins two"[8] is the aftermath of WuGui HuaYi (); "empty wooden chest or cabinet converts or joins one,"[9] an inner central group of 36 Shu (); "count" dot matrix, the central matrix estates of HaoKongTu (, 허궁도), the cut out or demarcated boundary result of the WuGui HuaYi ( ) empty wooden chest or cabinet converts or joins one cascaded with a second demarcated boundary within the 10 square matrix (מטריך) of a 100 Shu (); "count" dot matrix ordered and called YiJiShiJu (); the "one pile-up ten gigantic."

Wu; Zero Balance Ain

3 preliminary states or 3 negative veils are considered to precede manifestation, pre-earthly life or pre-mortal existence. DPI: 1st/3 negative veils (vails, ועלת) Wu[10] () the negative, not, without or empty or Ein[11] (אין); Strong’s English spelling: “Ayin” of the Hebrew tradition that is the concept of zero (אפס) or the ordinal zeroth (זהרות). Wu () or Ein (אין) is a condition or state of “balance” [12](מאזן) where all the vectors of space are equivalent; a non dynamic static state.

:Veil Of The Abyss

Previous to the 1st/3 branches of the tree of life is the veil of the Abyss [13](אבוס) which bisects the “invisible Sephirah” Daath (RenErSan: , World of Water) through the centre of the Abyss in the constellation Cancer. Daath (דעת; "knowledge") being a function of Tiphareth consciousness, this veil cannot even be approached until the latter is established in the aspirant to higher things. At this stage, the veil of the Abyss serves to shield the full light of the Supernals (3 mother letters). It is said to bisect Daath because Daath is formed partly by the rising Tiphareth consciousness - below the veil - and partly by the Knowledge called forth thereby from the Supernals - above the veil. The veil of the Abyss is analogous to the highest of the three veils (סות, סוה) of negative existence, Ain (אין).

:Zero-Balance-Oneness DPI: 1st/3 Yi (); “restraints or shoot with a bow,” as in a bow taut with tension (force),[14] along with Yi (); “one”, is for “restrained one”, and composes the simplified Chinese ancient form of Yi (); unity, the condition of “balance” (מאזן) in a static equilibrium state, thus is the earth of Yin DiCai ( ); transcendent of or in zero time; Ain [15](אין); without—the dimension of time and of zero-dimensional space.

Zero Dimension

In mathematics, a topological space is zero-dimensional, if its topological dimension is zero, or equivalently, if it has a base consisting of clopen sets. A zero-dimensional Hausdorff space is necessarily totally disconnected, but the converse fails. However a locally compact Hausdorff space is zero-dimensional if and only if it is totally disconnected.

FanHan; Alternate Sweat

2nd/3 SanHan[16] (): "3 sweats" of Atzilut's (אצילות) armpit in Heavens Code is FanHan (); "alternate sweat or perspiration."

Halonomic Parallel Topology

Neptune through halonomic parallel topology can be identified with:


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