Bu XiaoJiGan Divided Small Body Shield

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GuiGan (癸干) in Theme

10.2.6 DPI is a Decimal Path-index for the 10th/32 Path-indexes: Malchuth-GuiGan.

Bathar Tiphereth-Bu XiaoJiGan

10.2.6 DPI: 6th/10 small shields (גן-קטן) of the Yin attribute division of the Bu ShiGan TaiJi ( ) is Bu XiaoJiGan ( ; HanGul: 부 소기간: Bu SoGeeGan); “department or division [1](בתר) small body[2] or self shield,” the 2nd/2 small shields of the element () Tu (); "earth," attributed with the mnemonic color of dark yellow or gold.

Bu XiaoJiGan ( ) temporally covers the time during the grand unification epoch of 10-38 seconds after the bang.

Bu XiaoJiGan ( ) topologically is representative of the 3rd/3 supersymmetrical[3] compact curled-up extra spatial dimension of breadth [4](וידת).


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  4. 1 Kings 10:19 also width; back and forth dimension

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