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Aquarius.png Aquarius

Duan LieBiao

6.5.1 DPI: Aquarius is with

  • fixed modality of Zhong (, 4♣-5♣-6♣),
  • center or neutral polarity,
  • human () object (对象) and
    • union () monogram twice broken or double broken line (𝌀).

Aquarius is the:

  • nuclear tetragram #9 (𝌢),
    • 10th/16 nuclear tetragrams and
  • ternary numeral 29/81 (𝌢) tetragrams,
    • Shou (, שוע) of Duan (, 단, [1]דון); "sever,[2] cut off, interrupt or quit,,
  • 16th/81 Shou (, שוע) symbolic Zodiac sympathetic coincidence of ShuiPingZuoZu (, 수병좌주); "water vase seat (♒) feud-ethnicity" (צו-דע, ZuDi, , 주저, צו-י'ע).

The 2160 years of the mathematical[3] astrological Aquarian Age[4] covers the time of CE 2104 through CE 4263. The zodiac traverses the ecliptic clockwise each month during the solar year.

The dynamic image (24-30 FPS) of the major arcana [5](אר-כנע) tarot (טרות) trumps that is attributed to Aquarius is The Star symbolized by the Roman numeral XVII.


Aquarius corresponds with the pale or green horse of the Gentlemen Templar Wands, the 1st/4 MaHan (, 마한); "horses fence or boundary name" of England, part of the RenErSan (); "man two three" of the ShiErZhiGuo (); "12 division countries" of the zodiac TianErSan (); the "heaven two three."[6]

With Heaven's Code RenErSan is (, 지이삼);[7] "human two three" where human two () is the human that is "two" called XiaoDi (); the "small earth," the 2nd/3 parts of the solar system, the near outer or second[8] (שנים) story (תשים) solar system and the three () is the 3rd/3 parts of XiaoDi () and the realm of TuXing (); the "peasant planet" of Saturn in the ark of the solar system.

4 MaHan (, 마한) horses fence or boundary name of the United Kingdom is the international level extent version and a third of the ShiErZhiGuo () 12 division countries of the zodiac whose original national level extent is ShiErHuanGuo (, 십이환국); the "12 strong nations," of which the 1st/4 MaHan (, 마한) horses fence or boundary name of England on the international level extent corresponds with XuMiErGuo (, 수밀이국); the "necessarily intimate (thick, dense or close) that (you) country or nation" or the "yours truly country."

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