ZuWuGan Progenitor Spear-line Shield

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ZuWuGan (祖戊干); Progenitor Spear-line Shield

5.2.5 DPI: 5th/10 progenitors (great) grandfather or forefathers very little (מעט קט) shields (גאן) is ZuWuGan (חו-וע-גאו, ; HanGul: 조무간: JoMuGan, חו-מע-גאן).

ZuWuGan () temporally covers the time of zero in the quantum gravity epoch up to the measurable universe of the Planck epoch’s Planck time of 10-44 seconds after the bang.

ZuWuGan () topologically is representative of the 11th extra spatial dimension of supergravity[1] during the sub-Planck and Planck epoch, transcendent of conventional time, and is associated with the color light yellow, see decimal path-index 6.1.5 DPI.

ZuWuGan () evolves and is replaced by the 5th/10 small shields (גאן) XiaoWu (), see decimal path-index 1.2.5 DPI.


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  1. The Elegant Universe pp. 200, Brian Greene

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