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4th/12 DiZhi (地支); Earthly Branches MaoZhi (卯支)

4th/12 DiZhi () earthly Branches Mao ([1]: : ; HanGul: : Myo); meaning: mortise, which is the MaoZhi ) regional division or branch () covering the ShiChen () double-hour period of 5:00 AM through 7:00 AM or 75° through 105° of a compass circle.

MaoZhi () corresponds in image to the Queen of clubs, wands or staves of the minor arcane tarot.

4th/12 earthly branches generations, MaoZhi () illustrated by the minor arcana (אר-כנע) Tarot (טרות) face or court cards of the Queen of Batons or Clubs which according to Luke as elucidated by John of Damascus is Ram (רם), the 27th/76 unionized generations or folds [2](הרבים/רבון) since Allahim (אלהים) until Yeshua (ישוע) through Mary the mother of Yeshua in the matrilineal genealogy of Yeshua.

4th/12 earthly branches generations of Adam's Tarot, MaoZhi (), the Queen of Batons court card, equivalent to the 2nd/3 astrological signs fixed (, ע) of the 3rd/4 classical elements of air (), all attributed to Ram (רם), are analogous to the p-block orbital shell containing the 8th/12 Other metals of Polonium Po 84 in sub-shell 6p4/6 top electron configuration. Polonium (פולונים) in Hebrew is the root-stem of POL (פול) which in the feminine diminutive form is pole (פולה), the same pole that is the pole star aligned with the Queen of Batons or Clubs in the east; 90 degrees of a compass circle.

4th/12 earthly branches generations in providential history represents the 400 Year Period of Persecution by the Roman Empire.

4th/12 earthly branches generations on the national level extent is represented in ShiErHuanGuo (, 십이환국);[3] the "12 strong nations" by KeXianHanGuo (, 객현한국); the "good virtuous or able guest or visitor (traveler) sweat (perspiration) country."

MaoZhi () division when centered upon the GanZhi () stem-branch division of time of 0530 to 0630 hours i.e. 0600 hours plus and minus a half hour is the hour of MaoShi (), GMT+6 time zone of Dhaka to Bhutan to Astana of Kazakhstan and north to Yekaterinburg.[4]

MaoFang () direction when centered upon GanZhi () stem-branch division of space is 82.5° to 97.5° (90° plus and minus 7.5°) or the geographic terrestrial longitudinal 15° gore of 90° E plus and minus 7.5° (97.5° E to 82.5° E) and in the nautical time zone system is UTC+6:00 the area of Rangoon to Dhaka to Bhutan and in which the one-hour step corresponds to a time zone width of 15° longitude uninterrupted pole-to-pole.

ShengXiao () Chinese zodiac animal mnemonic for Mao () is Tu (); “rabbit or hare” of the scientific classification genus lepus, both of the family leporidae.


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