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GengGan (庚干) in Theme

Path Index 7: Netzach-GengGan

Netzach; GengGan

7th/32 PI: the 7th Sepherah (ספרה) Netzach (נצח); ShuGengGan () the context for the following content:

Netzach (נצח) in Hebrew has the following literal meanings of the "strength"[1] of "the victory" [2](הנצח) "perpetual" [3](נצח) with "the overseers" [4](המנצחים) who "overcometh"[5](המנצחים) "to set forward" [6](לנצח) through "conquering" (מנצוח) and "to conquer"[7] (לנצח) or more precisely the conqueror (מנצח) of the conquered [7](ינצח).

Human Tribal Society

The Hebrew term for conquering or conqueror of MNTZOCH [7](מנצוח) is the same cognate Korean term of MinSok (HanGul: 민속); "folk" or a "national custom" further decomposed as Min (); "people," "subjects" or "citizens" and Sok (); "social custom," recomposed as "social custom people" or folks civilized, corresponding to the Mayan Human Underworld.

When Netzach (נצח) is parsed of Nun (נ)-Tzadde (צ)-Heth (ח) and considering Nun (נ) as the prefix for the root-term -TZaCh, Sak [8](צח) or Sec (צח, spelled the same in the abjad Hebrew); the "white storm" of the 11th/18 Mayan tropical solar Haab (העב) months is the color determinant for Netzach (נצח) of white in the ShenShiWuBu () Chinese 5 color scheme, clear or white in the Mayan 5 color scheme and sometimes referred to as bright.

Blossom or Bloom

When the first two letters of Netzach (נצח) are considered; Nun (נ)-Tzadde (צ) parsed as Nun (נ) as the prefix and Tzadde (צ) as the basis of TzTz [9](צץ); the "blossomed" or blooms, the Hebrew root-stem form of the command imperative form for the term "fringe" (ציצת) used as the ribband of violet (תכלת) according to Hebrew Strong's #8504: blue; covering the spectrum from brilliant red (pink) through deep purple, in Numbers 15:38, verified by Olelo (Hawaiian) language with ʻĀkala (אכלא, same Hebrew root-stem as תכלת); "pink" for the garments of the children of Israel throughout their generations [3](נצח) perpetually.

Thus connecting (The Moon-Tzadde/Pisces) Netzach (נצח)-DaGengGan () at a right-angle using a right-triangle to RenSanSan (, 인삼삼);[10] "man-three-tree," the 3rd/3 sacred geometricized triangles of XiaoRen (); "small human," indexed as 9.7.4 DPI in the Universal Syphers™ and the orbital realm of Pluto and Charon in the 9th/9 Cellular Underworlds of Mictlan's Nine Underworlds whose Tarot trump card image is the Most High Priestess ruled by the Moon, attributed the color pink, violet or magenta.


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