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ZhenGua in Theme

6.3.8 Decimal Path-index is a Decimal Path-index for the 6th/32 Path-indexes: Tiphereth.

ZhenGua; Earthquake or Excite Divination

ZhenGua Season Bit

6.3.8 DPI: 8th/8 Gua () divinations ZhenGua () is parsed of Zhen (; HanGul: 진: Jin); meaning: “earthquake or excite” and Gua (); “divination” for “earthquake or excite divination.”

National Extent or Scope

ZhenGua () is the 7th/8 vertical levels; the celestial extent or scope[1] in the Age of Image Time-identity which is the 4th/4 archetypical levels in the astrological Age of Aquarius paralleling Providential Time-identity.

ZhenGuaWei; Earthquake or Excite Divination Station DPI: 8th/8 GuaWei; “Gua stations” () in the Universal Syphers™ for LongTu BaGua () is ZhenGuaWei () ); the "earthquake or excite divination station."

HeTu 8 Dot Matrix DPI: The Hetu[2] () outer cell “dot matrixfigurate number connected numerologically with ZhenGua () is 8.

6th/24 GanZhi Zhen-Alpha Seat-Throne DPI: Each Zuo () throne-seat [3](כסאות) is represented by 1/24 Greek letters in the Universal Syphers™ and are the western equivalent of the eastern GanZhi (); the 24 stem branches.

6th/24 Zuo (, זו) seat-thrones [3](כסאות) in the Universal Syphers™ for ZhenGua () is represented by the 1st/24 Greek letters Alpha (Α, α) for the ZhenGanZhi (); stem-branch.

Zhen Image of The Final or Last Judgement

Last Judgement DPI: Each GuaWei () Gua station also corresponds with an image () of the major arcane tarot[4] trumps; the 8th/8 Gua-trumps of the 22 major arcane trumps.[5]

The semi-dynamic image of the major arcane tarot that corresponds to Zhen () is the final or last Judgement symbolized by the Roman numeral ⅩⅩ.

ZhenMu Periodic Shrine Celestial Counterpart Accompaniment DPI: In the Universal Syphers™ the former primordial primeval heaven of 1.8 x 102 seconds or 3 minutes after the big bang through 4 billion years before present of Genesis 1:1, the periodic shrine () accompaniment for ZhenGua (); is Mu (), and the celestial counterpart is Jupiter: MuXing (); “tree or wood planet" (♃).

9th/13 Gates Quantum State ZhenMiaoRi; Earthquake or Exciting Gate of the Sun DPI: 9th/13 gates () or Mayan Heavens of the 1st/2 types of castles called HaoDaXing () represented by Mu () wood or tree for Thursday time the 5th/7 Yang quantum states of the geometry of QiMiao (, קי-םיהו); the “7 (periodic) shrines” with 14 quantum states; 7 X 2 of plus yang () for the day time and minus yin () for the night time, is ZhenMiaoRi (); the “lightning, earthquake or exciting gate of the sun,” for Thursday time’s quantum state.

The celestial counterpart for ZhenGua () is Mu (); “tree or wood,” and represents Nibiru the planet of crossing illustrated by the symbol of the cross in various forms including X as in planet X, which literally means and is a type of cross. Nibiru was changed to Marduk in the Babylonian version of Enuma Elish (“When in the heights”) now known as The Creation Epic. This similarity relation is called ZhenMu () or in western symbology as ⅩⅩ. In the early primordial primeval former heaven solar system of Sumerian cosmogony Jupiter is Marduk (מרדך).

First Son Trigram 1 DPI: ZhenGua () is attributed the trigram for 1st son and the binary low level machine language number 3.


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  1. RenNaiTian () literally means that “human beings and heaven are unified;” the character Zhen’s () composition is parsed of Yu (); “rain,” and Chen (); “star,” for a composed meaning of “rain star” or where the stars rain; in heaven, and since the celestial extent or scope is the astrological sign color of green and ZhenGua] () is the ShiGan () color of green confirmation occurs verifying that ZhenGua] () is the cosmic or celestial extent or scope chromodynamically
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