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QianGua in Theme

6.3.5 Decimal Path-index is a Decimal Path-index for the 6th/32 Path-indexes: Tiphereth.

QianGua; Dry or Sky Divination

QianGua Season Bit

6.3.5 DPI: 5th/8 Gua () divinations QianGua () is parsed of Qian (; HanGul: 건: Gaun, [1]גאון; “pride, excellency or majesty”); meaning: “dry or sky” and Gua (); “divination” for “dry or sky divination.”

QianGuaWei; Sky Divination Station DPI: 5th/8 GuaWei; “Gua stations” () in the Universal Syphers™ for LongTu BaGua () is QianGuaWei (); the "sky divination station."

Individual Extent or Scope

QianGua () is the 1st/8 vertical levels; “individual” extent or scope.

HeTu 7 Dot Matrix DPI: The Hetu[2] () outer cell “dot matrixfigurate number connected numerologically with QianGua () is 7.

14th/24 GanZhi Qian-Iota Seat-Throne DPI: Each Zuo () throne-seat [3](כסאות) is represented by 1/24 Greek letters in the Universal Syphers™ and are the western equivalent of the eastern GanZhi (); the 24 stem branches.

14th/24 Zuo (, זו) seat-thrones [3](כסאות) in the Universal Syphers™ for QianGua () is represented by the 9th/24 Greek letters Iota (Ι, ι) for the QianGanZhi (); stem-branch.

Qian Image of The Sun

XIX The Sun DPI: Each GuaWei () Gua station also corresponds with an image () of the major arcane tarot[4] trumps; the 5th/8 Gua-trumps of the 22 major arcana trumps.[5]

The non-dynamic image of the major arcane tarot that corresponds to Qian () is the Sun symbolized by the Roman numeral ⅩⅨ.

QianRi Periodic Shrine Celestial Counterpart Accompaniment DPI: In the Universal Syphers™ the former primordial primeval heaven of 1.8 x 102 seconds or 3 minutes after the big bang through 4 billion years before present of Genesis 1:1, the periodic shrine () accompaniment for QianGua (); is Ri (); meaning: sun or day, represented by the symbol: , and the celestial counterpart is Uranus (אור-ענו), represented by the planetary astronomical symbol: (Enterprise). This similarity relation is called QianRi () or in western symbology as ⅩⅨ.

1st/13 Gates Quantum State QianMiaoRi; Sky Gate of the Sun DPI: 1st/13 Men () gates, the Jian (); "interval, space or place between" gate or "gate of the sun" and the Shuan (); "latch, door bolt or locking bar" gate, is the 1st/13 Mayan Heavens of the 1st/2 types of castles called HaoDaXing () represented by Ri () sun or day for Sunday time the 1st/7 yang quantum states of the geometry of QiMiao (, קי-םיהו); the “7 (periodic) shrines” with 14 quantum states; 7 X 2 of plus yang () for the day time and minus yin () for the night time, is QianMiaoRi (); the “sky gate of the sun,” for Sunday time’s quantum state.

In the early primordial primeval former heaven solar system of Sumerian cosmogony Uranus: TianWangXing (); “heaven’s king planet,” is represented by Anu (ענו).

Father Trigram 0 DPI: QianGua () is attributed the trigram for father in kinship and the binary low level machine language number 0.


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