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BingGan (丙干) in Theme

5th/5 Destructive Elements of Fire: HuoSheng

3.3.5 DPI: In Mandarin Chinese Huo (); means: fire. In order to transition to go to mutually reciprocate with the next element, fire creates earth. In Chinese philosophy this is called HuoShengTu (); “fire produces earth or soil.”

XingHuo () element has peripheral points or dots attributed by the Hetu[1] () river diagram of 7 dots and 2 dots distinctive figurate numbers arranged via QianGua (]) and DuiGua () outer cells covering the topological area of XingHuo ().

5th/5 Shakti of Ganesha's Positive Powers

5th/5[2] shakti of Ganesha’s 5 positive powers in the Hindu tradition is the shakti of the same feeling of the 1st/5 shakti but extended to relatives (clan-tribe through national extent), neighbors and friends.


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